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Launching my brand happened so fast I that it took me by surprise. I want to share the benefit of going for your IT! Earlier that week, my entrepreneurial buddy and faith coach, Victoriously Nicole! reached out to me about sharing a vendor’s table at an upcoming conference.

Below is a snapshot of my email communication showing how I get into action for the conference.


Entrepreneurial buddy, Victoriously Nicole: Also, I am coming next weekend!! I have reserved a vending table at your church!! Nothing is prepared, but I am walking by faith, working my “it”! 🙂

Me: Maybe I can come up with something. You are inspiring me! I am willing to put in the work!

Entrepreneurial buddy, Victoriously Nicole: I wanted to offer you space, …….  I reserved a 6″ table, plenty of space so get your things together! WE HAVE TO DO THIS!!!

Me: I can do t-shirts: making your IT happen!
This is crazy, but I’m willing to find some funds to see how I can make this happen. I would be so delighted if I were to pull this off!
Entrepreneurial buddy, Victoriously Nicole: We’re in it together!  I will help…5 DAYS LATER

Me: (4 Days before the conference begins, I share with my friend the following:

Hi NickU,
Can we PLEASE talk today!
I want to go for it.I know what I would like to do a 7-day hashtag mini booklet from my periscope.Each page has an illustration and a power packed summary.I have the notes and video of it.I can make it to an ebook at worst but also get it printed out by Vistaprint.
I’m going to get business cards for oils-have samples.
I am going to try and get people to sign up for my Facebook class. That way I can go into depth about the kit.
Anyone who signs up gets a sample.
I am going to do a giveaway of a thieves spray or something like that too.
I want to get t-shirts for IT but don’t know how to go about it.
I am going to use Fiverr to get someone to do some of these tasks- simple stick drawings. I’m clearing schedule tomorrow to get it done.Working on business cards today!
Live & Be Better Every Day!


Looking back at this correspondence, my statements capture my increasing excitement and motivation.  In the later email, I consider the tasks that I need to do in preparation for my brand launch.

Productivity Takeaway.

My buddy’s invitation to join her as she launched her brand for the conference created a sense of urgency. 

Don’t do it alone. Partner with someone else to accomplish your goal. When you join forces with someone else you make yourself be accountable – a key approach to so many successful organizations like Clutter Diet, and Weight Watchers and the like. Check out my post on the Buddy System!

Business Takeaway.

I was on such an emotional high while sitting there at the vending table. All I had was a bag of candy with a business card in it. A brief guide providing strategies for maximizing your potential. I had a digital proof of a t-shirt that I was planning to sell. No one prepaid for a shirt. But I did it. I went to a cafe and crafted business cards, found a t-shirt company online to send me a digital mock-up of the shirt with my hashtag “makingIThappen.” I created a poster and went to the office supply store and got it made! Whew! For me doing this with a sense of urgency in so little time I had, I didn’t have time to stop and get sidetracked. I really was on a high.
The greatest feeling was that I took the mystique out of going out there and marketing your brand. Dude. If you can stretch a rectangle in a free online design tool then you can create a business card, or make a poster. There are so many free tools and templates and illustrations in those tools that you pretty much swap out your picture or wording from the example.

I accomplished all of this in 2 days with roughly 10 hours of mental and technical sweat equity!

Drumroll, please.


The Benefits of the Buddy System:

  1. Deadlines prompt you to work efficiently.
  2. Working on deadlines that are related to your personal fulfillment gives you an adrenalin high that pushes you to work at a capacity that maximizes your potential.
  3. Not going alone will speed your up you cultivating your IT!

LABB MATE: What do you desire to do? Try a tried and true strategy is to get a buddy who would like to do something similar. Connect with others (e.g. who share your interests. Find something, like an event to attend or just make up one yourself! You can reach those goals that you have been longing to obtain. Get that adrenalin going and just go for IT!

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