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Live And Be Better, is a lifestyle improvement brand that serves to empower and educate via its applications, services & products.


I delight in learning about topics that are privy to a few. With a passion for empowering others, I enjoy taking that information and organizing it in meaningful ways to make it accessible to many.  Many years ago, I drew interest in computer languages and delved into how-to books like, How to teach yourself to code Java in 21 days. I took programming classes. I would later land a position as a Lingo programmer for the beta version of an environmental science simulation for a professor at Barnard College. These types of experiences inform what I do and what I set out do.

 Modus Operandi

In sum, the central goal for Live and Be Better is organizing information in meaningful ways to help people learn.

Your IT

The IT! series grew out of a series of mini lessons from my periscope broadcasts.

IT! is a working notion that I conceptualized to grasp those things that individuals desire to do.  I’m so there. I’ve longed to excel in different domains. I’ve read books, videos, as well as gotten advice on how to find self-fulfillment. Now I’m taking my experiences, trials, and errors, and thought experiments to present a strategic approach to maximizing one’s potential, and purpose of achieving a high level of proficiency.

The IT! approach serves as a blueprint for finally achieving greatness by honing a person’s gifts and maximizing his or her potential.

Are you doing what you want to do? Do you want to hone your abilities, talents and nurture your interests?  Well, I hope you find some consolation here. The aim of the blog on this site is to offer a virtual space to talk about how to cultivate your potential and realize your passion. This potential and passion comprise your IT. When you come across the word “IT” in caps on this site, it is referring to your potential and passion.

IT “lights you up.”

Some conversations and lively debates consider ways of thinking about how to find your purpose, pursue your calling, and realize your dreams and the like.

Does this proposed here work? The fact that you are reading this right now is yes!

I am a case to propose the case for IT!

If you read my About page, you will see how I talk about utilizing those skills that you both intentionally and incidentally acquired.

From there, you attend to and water the other aspects of your IT!

I like to draw upon the concept of farming to wrap my head around this approach and proceed to maximize potential.  Learning to achieve a level of accomplishment is truly gratifying.

The power of metaphor: Farmer 101

I like using this metaphor because it deals with growth and the opportunity to grow several crops. Some things take longer depending on where you live, the type of seed, and your knowledge of knowing how to build it to offer it to the world to enjoy.

Likewise, you have interests that correlate to your abilities which are your crops. Your knowledge and skills to cultivate your various interests need commitment in order attend to them. Some of your interests may take more time. That depends on some factors such as where you live and how much you know to make those crops grow.

I’ll talk more about the process and provide resources, tools, and tips about it.

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