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Do you have a laundry list of things to get done? You know they are really important but for some reason, it is difficult to practice the 8 C’s (Read the blog posts: Part 1 and Part 2!). After being frustrated with not moving forward on some really important things of my IT! I launched a 7-day challenge for myself and for others to join!

First things first.

Here I am and I finally have consistently been doing periscope broadcasts three times a week. I got most of my web-site up. But I still needed to add some important things to my website like social media icons, create a free product and insert a form for site visitors to fill out and join my email list.

Weeks go by.

Still doing periscopes. That’s it.

No business cards made. No products were done.

I’m frustrated. I am not following through and taking those #babystepstobecoming.

I do a periscope on carrying out your “no matter what.” Those things that are really important but for the life of you have yet to write those things down or discipline yourself to get it done!

So the tip I provide is to first create two “no matter what” lists.

  1. Short-term no matter what list. Things that you need to do that are important in moving forward with cultivating your potential and/or passion
  2. Long-term no matter what list. Began to craft out time in your schedule to be consistent with the things on the list so that you can reach that elusive goal.

Now I employ a strategy to get it done.  That strategy employs accountability to someone else.
To help me get my things done and for anyone else who wanted some help, I created a Facebook group.

Two people joined me on this seven-day challenge. I posted tips and strategies and we encouraged one another to make strides.

The outcome.

By joining this challenge all three of us submitted via posts our lists. All of us accomplished something on our lists!



Is there something that you really, really need to get done? Create a “no matter what” list. Both long term and short term.

“No Matter What” helps you to focus your mind on following your heart. When you follow your heart you are able to prioritize those things that you know deep down inside are necessary to get done.

Create a list. Get a few friends and write down your No Matter What lists – make a short-term and a long-term one.
The lists should include the actionable steps that are obtainable and feasible to do RIGHT NOW.
These are your #babystepstobecoming.

You got this, my fellow mate. You got this!


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