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Have you ever got stuck in life? Sometimes we just don’t know where to start or even resume! I pose these questions to you with regards to that feeling you may get from time to time when you are bored with your current means of feeling fulfilled. You know, that task that you do every day that may or may not generate an income.
Whether you are a stay-at-home individual who wants to generate an income or more income, read on.  If you are a career professional who is not doing what they really desire to do, then read on.  Or if you are someone, who, like me has been waiting to finally maximize their potential in a creative way, then read on.


For the past several weeks I was really seeking about what to do next. There I was about to celebrate another birthday. You know, those marked occasions get us thinking about our lives and take inventory of ourselves.


I felt stuck. I wasn’t  motivated to go all in into something. In 2014, I got interested into essential oils and did a few classes to share with others. I got a few people to get memberships. I even took a business builder class from the essential oil community of which I am apart. Yet still, I seemed to have fallen back into simply sharing essential oils and making up bottles for others. I wasn’t committed to doing it as a business.


Secondly, I also recently recorded this past summer the music to two educational songs for which I wrote the melody and the lyrics. I’ve also been working on a book about finally maximizing your potential! I’ve got tons of written and recorded thoughts in my note-taking application, Evernote. I hadn’t considered writing a book until I began doing a series of Periscope broadcasts. Urged by a fellow entrepreneur, my cousin, a professional hair & life stylist nudged me to do Periscope. We both started our periscope that day! I really got into doing these mini self-empowerment lessons. I knew I needed to do something!


Fast forward.


So now that I’m about to celebrate my birthday in September, I really was seeking God and praying about how to make the most of the remainder of 2016.
I also knew that I really needed to look for some type of work to generate an income. I started the application process for a seasonal work-from-home position. In the back of my mind, I’m feeling sort of bum because I felt like I should not have to be doing this if I only would have followed through with other things in my life. I can’t dismiss the fact that I’ve been pursuing advanced degrees for basically all of my young adult and adult life. And I feel like I have nothing to show for it. Be sure to check out the “Product from the Pain” post!


Actually, I do. I’ve used all that knowledge to inspire, empower and help others. I just haven’t drawn a paycheck from it. I’ve done some musical gigs but just haven’t got paid for it. I’ve written some songs but hardly anyone has heard them.


Ok. So I learn from one of my sisters after talking to her about my current personal frustration about someone that I can talk to.


I reach out to this woman who along with her husband I have admired for a number of years. She like me has a small business venture that she had not anticipated in going full throttle with it. She shared with me about how she manages to do that and her other goals.
I will share her advice to me.


Write down your goals and set some deadlines. She cautioned me to be flexible if these goals take longer to complete. After she told me that, I asked her the one million dollar question.

How do I know what to do first?

She noted to take some quiet time and I will know what to do. It will resonate with me. Write down what you want to get done.


So I shared with her about my essential oils goal. I felt like I should be doing that for now. I’ve run into so many moms with young children that I really wanted to share how essential oils have really helped me to have a wellness kit to support my family’s everyday needs as well as using oils for green living.


So I began to reflect in my mind. I kept rationalizing how I need to get a job right now. I was so distracted about my needs and not what I am so passionate which I have been doing for so many years. I had ideas for products, templates, and songs that I’ve written stored digitally as well in my mind.


Last week, I streamed the last service of 2016 Faithworks conference presented by the church I attended while living in Chicago. I heard the speaker, Tye Tribbett message, “Snap out it!” That powerful message really inspired me! My key takeaway is that if “I move in what God says, my results are guaranteed. I knew deep in my spirit of being impressed to write and produce these children’s songs. I felt really impressed to share about oils and disseminate information in a meaningful way to make using oils easy to do. I am intrigued to create templates for organizing information.


So now I’m thinking well, I would like to write the book. I would like to do the oils! Aye, Yye, Yye!  I feel like the book is just waiting to be written. I have all of the content in my Evernote and on videos. I really was feeling impressed about writing it because it was fresh, new and bubbling within.

So why haven’t I done anything? Nothing clicked until after I heard that message. Then the still small voice said,


It was clear as day.

If that wasn’t clear two other confirmations resonated.
  1. I saw an Instagram pic that my entrepreneurial buddy posted. It was her posing with a recipient of her book and a t-shirt. She wrote this book within weeks over the summer. Made up t-shirts and sharing her revelation through her book, “Think Like a King, Act Like a King!”
  2. Tuesday, October 18, I listened to a Joel Olsteen Broadcast and the topic was “Just Do it! My conscience was immediately seared. As I listened to that message. My takeaway was that I need not be concern about how I was going to get these projects done.
I now had no excuses. I need not try and sort out how to take care of my needs when I had already laid that request out to God. I was waiting for an answer. But the answer was to “Do your brand.”


I felt so free. I felt unstuck. More importantly, I felt I was trusting God to supply my needs if I obey him. I was so motivated because I am obeying what he impressed upon me to do. The fact that I am writing this blog post, I am being obedient to what He is telling me to do.


I now am going to trust the process and “DO MY BRAND!” I don’t know have the details clearly laid out but I have the blueprint. When you have the blueprint of information you can begin the building project. Without the blueprint, you are going to fail. You know the saying, you plan to fail, you fail to plan.
But the paradigm shift that I needed was that God was going to supply my needs. That He would make a way for me to take of certain expenses. And that whatever I need to publish my book would come together. The essential oils business would grow as I utilize my potential to share about essential oils in a way that showcases my potential. That way, it is authentic!
I felt confident of doing it because that is what I feel IMPRESSED to do. You see that impression is tied to your first love which relates back to your potential. Your potential will continue to annoy you until you do something with it. The more closely you engage in some tasks that do that then you can really feel assurance that you are making the right decision for your next move.
You see what is in you to do are the gifts and set of experiences that your potential comes from. It is up to you and me to share with the world and uplift mankind with the hope of letting our light shine. As a person of faith, that is to let the light of God shine in us.


Get advice and listen. Then take all of that in and you will wind up listening to the right impression which will direct your next move.

What you are impressed to do, you must do IT!
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