Be In The Know To Grow


Dig deep, because it’s there! Our IT! has to do with our potential. Our potential can be multi-faceted. I would argue it is. If you have a heartfelt interest to do or develop something, you need to dig deep and pump out the capacity of your potential by planting it in faith. Self-reflect and or get guidance to do your IT! so that others can be fed by your harvest.

Digging deep is applicable to having something already active but needing to make use of what is there to conquer – that particular feat when it really counts!

First case: You know when Michael Jordan was dealing with the flu during the 1996-1997 NBA finals. The series was tied and the critical game 5 was up. Jordan played thru an illness during that game and led the Bulls to a win! That win put the Bulls on top in the series against the Utah Jazz. The Bulls rallied on to beat the Jazz in one more game to seize the championship.

Second case: You know at the 1996 Olympics when American gymnast Kerri Strug injured her ankle during her first vault attempt only to then do a second attempt and stick the landing. Yep. Her score was high enough to mathematically secure the first place spot for the U.S. squad in the team competition – the first time in history for the USA women’s gymnastics team to win this medal. What did both of these premier athletes do?

They dug deep.


You got this!! Just pull it out with all your might! Don’t be afraid. You have the will in your IT!



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