Lori Ann Butler


I’m Lori A. Butler, and I am doing my IT! What do I mean? Well, IT is a strategic approach to maximizing your potential.

This perspective took shape out of a series of periscope broadcasts that started Dec 31, 2015. The notion of IT! is a term that came about after years of teaching self-empowerment classes at a youth spiritual retreat that ran for some years.

IT! in a nutshell is the thing that “lights you up!” I wanted to simplify how we understand or go about experiencing self-fulfillment.

Phrases, like “Follow your dreams,” “Fulfill your destiny,” and “Live life on purpose” ignite excitement. These statements indeed are uplifting because they all get at doing something that you love albeit a career, a hobby or a volunteer activity. One finds that IT! as I call it satisfying.   I find that passion and potential do the essential groundwork for figuring out what you want to do with your life.

IT! is by no means the key to complete happiness as there are other needs that we have which require fulfillment. This need for doing the deep desire that you have is a key focus of a topic that is dear to my heart and motivation for my brand, Live & Be Better. Read on to find out why.


Key emotions.

In 2014, I joined a college big band to get back into playing the saxophone which I spent many years investing. My conflicted self-required a decision from my usual self. Do I hone my energies to meet the time sensitive requirements to maintain a good standing in my graduate program? Or, do I continue to dillydally my way in my studies while flirting with the inner passion for building some tech products and making music.

The result. My long tenure as a grad student ceased and the elusive Ph.D. in learning sciences would have to wait.

A key side passion.

Throughout most of my adult life, I’ve helped some people with their travel, online shopping, as well as academic and career preparation. Not aware of it at the time, I was accumulating the knowledge and skill-set that is a non-monetary capital that I was growing. I became the go-to person with my family and friends about buying, shopping online or applying to college.

Soon, I started accumulating many hats. I’ve been a travel agent, comparison product reviewer, savvy online shopper, a home organizer, and home decor enthusiast to name a few.

From the time I withdrew from my doctoral studies, I started to overhaul my life. I started a major project at my residence and organized virtually every room in the house. I connected with a community of organizational enthusiasts at ClutterDiet where I reached out, and my success story was featured on the website!  What next?

That boost motivated me to document the process.

Concurrently, I began to utilize strategic tools to grow my spiritual and personal self with hopes of rebuilding, and restoring my IT! Check out the IT! page to learn more about this self-help perspective.


It took roughly a year and a half to come up with this name. I wanted a name that would capture the after feeling from the products  I would make and the services I would provide.  If I could characterize my set of experiences, I sought information to get better at something important to me. Namely the following:

  1. Relationship with God, myself, and others
  2. Being highly proficient at what I love to do
  3. Sharing my knowledge, and doing for others to help them fulfill a desire.

My Blog, Media, and the Products and Services all reflect my brand. I share information, and knowledge from things that I researched, learned from experiences, and received from others to help others…… Live & Be Better.


Here are the key highlights of my backstory.

I was a professional student for over 20 years! I am curious about how the mind works, building stuff and music making. The degrees I picked up along the way include one in music, one in music technology and the other in instructional technology and media.

I am a techie and started out as a self-taught coder. I later took some courses while a student. I’ve coded in high- level languages, like Html, Lingo, and Javascript. My defining moment as a computer programmer was helped to build the beta version of an environmental science simulation. Learn more.

I am a musician and songwriter. I got a degree in professional music but deep down inside I wanted to do performance. Right now, I am a freelance saxophonist.

My volunteerism has primarily been working with young people, directing choirs and playing saxophone and piano in church.  Over the span of twenty years, I have taught at 14 summer youth retreats. I did most of this while a grad student! That was intense, but it offered me the opportunity to share my passionate pursuits which I had not yet articulated until 2016.

Check out my CV.

Last, but not least, I didn’t realize it until following some well-known entrepreneurs that I am an idea machine. I come up with ideas almost every day. The end goal is to develop those into products under my brand.


The design of this web-site was built by yours truly. I draw from some online entrepreneurs for inspiration. The graphic design tools that I use are mostly freebies. I use Canva, PicMonkey, and Pixlr. Although, I decided to have a subscription for Canva and PicMonkey. I also utilize Font Awesome, Flaticon, and other resources to get graphics.

I use Headway themes and pretty much designed my site from scratch although I am using elements of the whitewash template which is the free one that comes with the basic plan.

Most photos come from Unsplash and from professional photographer S. Karen Rush, my mother-n-law who also took the featured images of me on this site.


Can I work with you? Reach out me under contact and fill out the form. Share with me what it is that you want to do, and I’ll get back to you.

How do I get in touch with you? Fill out the contact form on this site and select your topic of interest. We’ll go from there. Do note if you ask me about anything academic or career you might see me get passionate about it.

If you like, you can receive a consult from me via Clarity! Check out my page!

Solving problems and empowering others simply give me great satisfaction!


I am a P.K which is the acronym for “preachers’ kid.” I love my parents. My dad was a bishop. I have three siblings, beautiful n-laws, and cool nieces and nephews!

I am married to a flat-out brilliant, warm and talented individual who makes me want to be better in what I do. We are so blessed to have a kiddo while in our forties finally!


I don’t watch scary movies.

I’m animated when I watch sports. My top favorite sports, Olympic gymnastics, professional tennis, collegiate basketball, and pro-football.

I love learning about stuff and then sharing it with others so they can benefit from it

I am a mix of old school and new school.

My God faith gives me hope.

I want always to get a good online deal.

I’m a flexible pescatarian

I’m a foodie-I enjoy good eats!

Customer service is imperative to me.