Be In The Know To Grow


As I think about the things that help to redeem gratification from regret or missed opportunities,  I consider creating something. I realize that a way of coping is doing something. Doing something that resonates with you is a way to manage those feelings of despair. If we think about the inspirational stories you may see a pattern. From heartbreak and disappointment, there is a response that manifests itself into some project, service or product. Consider the following statements as you take a moment to right down your regrets.

  1. You have to have a product our you will have more difficulty in coping with that something that you can’t change. Whether it is the regret of missed opportunity, not putting the time in or just some unfortunate moment that turned your world upside down, you must have closure. What can happen by not doing something is the regret or sad circumstance can take a negative toll on your emotional, psychological, and physical energy  Your chest caves in. Everything else in your life gets magnified and more weighted on you. You feel like nothing is going right. You have bouts of depression. You are chipper one moment and then down the other. You seesaw back and forth from hope to hopelessness. It’s like you step into this holodeck (Star Trek reference) and experience moments of frustration when a stimulus triggers the pain. You know you shouldn’t feel that way. You are even meta about it. Here you are in this holodeck.  It feels every bit real and you get caught up in it. You see if it feels real the easy remedy way of coping is to sulk, for example.  But the pain ain’t going away like it should. It is still there and can manifest in other areas of your life.
  2. Understand if you believe, the blood of Jesus has miraculous power.
  3. What do you do for the release? Only the blood can cover you if your spiritual identity embraces that there is something bigger than you.
  4. Your untapped potential hurts really really bad. You feel like a ton of bricks is on you.
  5. Having measures of success is really critical.

Think about something that would be a way to respond to your regret. Consider something small. Sharing your story is one of the easiest things to do. You can write a blog post or an article about it. Create a podcast and let the theme of your program concern a take away from your pain. Believe it or not, write a book. Yes. It is not difficult. Record yourself and transcribe it. Start a FaceBook group and invite friends. Create an Instagram account and go to to display short inspirational quotes by you! There are a number of ways to approach it.


The main thing is to create a product from your pain. When you do, it has a way of empowering you to respond in a meaningful way that benefits you and so many others.

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